The Four Stroke

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The Four Stroke

A video demonstration showing some of he basic components and the four stroke cycle.

A. Camshaft - A round shaft with lobes that rotates to open and close the fuel and exhaust valves.B. Valve Cover - Protects the valves and the valve springs. Keeps dirt out and lubricating oil in.C. Intake Valve - opens at the proper time to let in air and fuel.D. Intake Port - the passageway in a cylinder head for the fuel and air to pass through.E. Cylinder Head - a platform containing most of the parts of the combustion chamber.F. Coolant - circulating water and antifreeze to keep the temperature regulated.G. Engine Block - cast in one piece. The basis for most of the parts of the engine.H. Oil Pan - where the oil is collected and re-circulated.I. Oil Sump - the collected oil primarily for lubricating the crankshaft and rod bearing.J. Spark Plug - a device, inserted into the combustion chamber for firing an electrical spark to ignite air-fuel mixtureK. Exhaust Valve - open at the proper time to release the exhaustL. Exhaust Port - the passageway in a cylinder head, for the exhaust to pass through.M. Piston - the part of the engine that moves up and down in the cylinder converting the gasoline into motion.N. Connecting Rod - links the piston to the crankshaft.O. Rod Bearing - used to reduce friction to the rod and crankshaft.P. Crankshaft - converts the up and down motion of the piston into a turning, or rotating motion.

The Four Stroke

Internal Combustion Engine

a. Four-stroke engine basicsb. Basic components of a four-stroke enginec. The four-stroke cycle

Topics for today:

 Intake - process of filling the cylinder with the proper air-fuel mixture through the intake valve. Compression - the process of compressing the air-fuel mixture in the cylinder to make it more combustible  Combustion - the process of igniting the compressed air-fuel mixture to create motion and the over all power of the engine Exhaust - the process of releasing the exhaust out of the cylinder through the exhaust valve


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