The Four Evangelists

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The Four Evangelists

The Four Evangelists

The Gospel of Mark, in describing the arrest of Jesus, speaks of a young man who followed the arresting party, wearing only a linen cloth wrapped around his body, whom the arresting party tried to seize, but who left the cloth in their hands and fled naked. It is speculated that this young man was the writer himself, since the detail is hardly worth mentioning if he were not. Mark's symbol in art is a Lion, usually winged.



The name Matthew is derived from the Hebrew Mattija. Matthew is spoken of five times in the New Testament and then four times in the list of the Apostles.

Remember, I am sending you out to be like sheep among wolves; you must be wary, then, as serpents, and yet innocent as doves.Matthew 10:16



In Luke's account of the Gospel, we find an emphasis on the human love of Christ, on His compassion for sinners and for suffering and unhappy persons, for outcasts such as the Samaritans, tax collectors, lepers, shepherds, and for the poor. The role of women in Christ's ministry is more emphasized in Luke than in the other Gospel writings. Luke is commonly thought to be the only non-Jewish New Testament writer. His writings place the life of Christ and the development of the early Church in the larger context of the Roman Empire and society.

St John The Evangelist, who is styled in the gospel, The beloved disciple of Christ," and is called by the Greeks "The Divine," was a Galilean, the son of Zebedee and Salome, and younger brother of St. James the Great, with whom he was brought up to the trade of fishing.


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