The Four Evangelists

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The Four Evangelists

The Four Evangelists

Their Symbols

The four evanglists are the four gospel writers:Matthew, Mark, Luke,and John.**Matthew's symobl became the winged man or an angel. **Mark's symbol is the lion. The lion represents royality for example like Christ's royality.**Luke's symbol became the ox. The ox is a symbol of sacrifice.**John's symbol is the eagle.

Luke:*Feasy Day: October 18th*About: Luke was both a historian and an artist.

John:*Feast Day: December 27*About: was one of the only 12 Apostles who died of old age.

Matthew:*Feast day: September 21*Matthew was an account and a banker.

Mark:*Feast Day: April 25*About: One of the Seventy Disciples, Mark founded the Church of Alexandria


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