The Four Evangelists

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The Four Evangelists

The Four Evangelists


Before becoming an apostle of Christ, St. Matthew was a tax coillector for the Roman Empire. After the resurrection, and after being a witness to the ascension, Matthew was one of the first disciples to record the events of Jesus Christ. Hios feast day is celebrated on September 26, and he is buried in southern Italy.


Mark was born in present day Libya about 15 years after Christ. After being named one of the twelve apostles, he was witness to all of Jesus' teachings. He wrote the first known Gospel.


It is only in Luke's Gospel which we hear the stroy of the Good Samaritan. His gospel shows much sensativity to evangelizing Gentiles. He was very close to Paul and spent time with him while he was imprisoned. We haer much about Luke in Paul's writings.


John and his brother James were both fisherman on the Sea of Galilee beforte being called to be disciples of Christ. John eventually became an apostle. After the ascension, John served at the church in Jerusalem for many years. There is a legend that John was taken to Rome to be persecuted, and thrown in a boiling pot of oil and survived, being unharmed. He lived the longest out of all the apostles.


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