The Foundation of Hinduism

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The Foundation of Hinduism

A term for people cleaning their body with holy water for exaple the Ganges river.

It is a sacred language.Mother of all language created by Brahma.It was similar to latin and greek and then they realized there was a connection.

A hindu festival where they get together and dip in the Ganges river.


Ganges River



Orgin of Sanskrit

The Foundations of Hinduism

Magh Mela

vedas are primary text of hinduism and said to be the text of the universe.Mahabharata said to contain to philosophical meaning for "life goals".

Vedas and Mahabharata


Most sacred river to inhusAccording to Hindu mythology the river was flowing through Heaven and then was told to go to eath. The gods thought the river will wash away earth so they got help from shiva captured Ganga-Ganges

Ganges River

The most worship Hindu detities free from obticles and intelligent

Ardent devotee of Rama central character in the hindu epic Ramayana


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