The Foot

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Human Anatomy

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The Foot

The Foot

By: Doctor Hewison

FormThe foot is an arched form of over 26 bones. They are the Phalanges, Metatarsal bones, Cuneiform bones, Navicular bones, Cuboid bones, the Fibula, Tibia, Calcaneus, and Talus.

FunctionThe function of the foot, is to help us keep balenced while we walk. It does this with the help of our toes.

ConnectionThe bones of the foot connect to the muscles with tendons. Tendos are like shock absorbers, and stick muscle to bone.

Key Concepts

CausationIf you sprain your foot, what can happen is it will inflame, or swell up. This makes it hard to walk on without hurting.

CausationUsing your feet to much can resault in things like arthoritis, or nerve damage. Also, if you have flat feet you ca't walk properly.

FormOntop of the foot is a flat layer of muscles and ligaments. But since there are so many, I can't name all of them on this page.

Key Concepts

FunctionThe job of the muscles on your feet, is to obsorb shock from when you jump, or sustain your weight.

ConnectionJust like the how your bones connect to your muscles, your muscles connect to your bones. This is by ligaments, and joints.


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