The Foggy Truth - Episode 4

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The Foggy Truth - Episode 4

The Foggy Truth

The setting is taking place in many towns; the fifth night of traveling Huck and Jim pass St. Louis


Huckleberry Finn starts off as an abused child, he later escapes from Pap and now survives on his own with Jim. Being between the ages of 10-13 Huck does not have a fatherly figure, however Jim takes this role. In these chapters, Huck shows his immaturity when he lies to Jim regarding the fog. Huck feels terrible lying to Jim, and learns his lesson by saying he will never do it again.

New Characters:Huck- he changes from being mature in the beginning then becoming more immature as the chapters progress.Jim- he realizes that traveling with Huck puts them both in danger of getting caught.

Does the lack of mortality come from a specific background of a person?

Why is it easier for people to lie than to tell the truth?

Huck's evolution

The author's purpose is to show the reader that although Huck is very young, he is able to learn from his mistakes. He learns not to lie because it hurt Jim's feelings and it made himself feel mean.

Essential Questions


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