The Flute

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The Flute

Cleaning the Flute

Assembly & Care

The Flute

Assembling the Flute


Other Helpful Hints

1. Connect the foot joint to the main body with a gentle twisting motion.2. Align the post on foot joint with the middle of the D/F# key.3. Note - Hold the main body at the top just above the first post where there are no keys with your left hand. Hold the foot joint lightly with the keys to your palm in a closed position4. Attach the neck to the main body with the same gentle twisting motion.5. Align the lip plate with the C# key on the main body.If you are experiencing any difficulties connecting the foot joint and the neck joint to the main body, a small application of pencil graphite marked onto the joint can help ease the connection.

Cleaning the Inside of the Flute1. It is important to disassemble (take apart) and thoroughly clean the instrument after playing, especially prior to placing it in its case for storage between playing sessions.2. After playing, always insert your cleaning swab into your instrument to remove excess moisture. Cleaning the Outside of the Flute1. After each use, rub the outside of your instrument with a polishing cloth to remove particles and fingerprints.2. Use a key brush or small paint brush once a week to carefully remove dust or lint that accumulates around the post and springs under key rods.3. Use a pipe cleaner to clean hard to reach areas.

1. Avoid liquids and snacks that contain sugar prior to playing. If drinking or eating prior to playing, rinse out your mouth with water.2. Remove your flute from its case by lifting it from the edges.3. Always store your flute in its case when not in use to prevent damage.4. Do not store you instrument outside, in a garage, or in a car. Temperatures become too hot or too cold and can cause damage to the instrument.5. Do not try to tighten screws on the instrument yourself. Seek the help of your band director, or else you could damage your instrument and cause it not to play.6. Do not place any part of the instrument in water, and do not flush water through the instrument. You will cause the instrument to need costly repairs. 7. Do not store other items in your instrument case, such as food items, pencils, music, papers, homework, etc.

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