The Floating Shoe

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The Floating Shoe

Spinoff technology to me means working with other companys to make new inventions that could be out of old ones, but with new features that make it a new invention.

My spinoff would be shoes that can lift you off into the air.They can do this because of the under of the shoes having a floating force that can easily lift you off the ground even with the gravity the Earth has. It does not go up very high, but at a good height .it's purpose is to get around fast in open places, mostly outside.It can be turned off by a button on it.

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My spinoff strengths is how it can easily lift you off the ground with the gravity the Earth has.It weakness is that not everyone can use it like someone who is afraid of heights.

Spinoff A was about the Car Chassis and Brake System and how it works is it's installion of the chassis that improves my life by making bus rides safer and more comfortable .

Spinoff B was about Shock Asboring Athletic shoes and how it works is that it absorbs energy and redistributes the energy back into the athlete increasing athletic efficiency. it can improve life by me having better athletic efficiency.

Spinoff C was about Clean Burning Engines and how it works is it is a non-fouling,faster and cleaner-burning spark device.It needs little power for warm-up.It improves my life by when I am using something that runs on this engine it will be safer to use.


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