The Floating City

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The Floating City

What is it?


How it works?

•Prefabricated, hexagonal and technological modules allow the city to float while creating all the infrastructure needed for a city•A heavy counterweight located right beneath the city ensures that the structure stays in place•Recreational green spaces would be located both above and below the water's surface, while farms and hatcheries would allow the community to produce its own food

•Rubbish collection facilities would allow the community to sustainably dispose of waste.•Electric vehicles would be the main form of transportation around the city, keeping the island free from air pollution•Polyester fibres and titanium dioxide, which absorbs air pollution, would also be included in the infrastructure

• To develop a new urban area with residential, commercial and cultural facilities that humans have today, but with the addition of a zero-carbon, energy-efficient and self-sufficient system as a solution to today’s excessive pollution

• Just like any other city that one will see except that the only differences are that it is very eco-friendly and it is on water

•A network of underwater tunnels and sizable docks maintains the isolated city’s connection to the outside world•For example, high-speed trains make transportation of people and goods easier through the underwater tunnels•An air ventilation system that is connected to an outside source ensures that clean oxygen is continuously ventilated into the tunnels

The Floating City


•Easier recovery from physical and psychological damages of recurring severe weather patterns since all aspects are man-made and do require the long process of recovery by nature•Overcome flooding and storms due to infrastructure located near sea level since the city will always float on top of the water•Overcome poor conditions of soft soil, silt and clay faced by today’s infrastructure•Reduce overall pollution•Adapt to increasing population and climate change•Provide a higher standard of living


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