The Flipped Classroom

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by Sulloire
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The Flipped Classroom

The Flipped Classroom

How it Works




- Simplified: lectures at home, homework in class.- Online video lecture is viewed by the students outside of school.-Class time is then devoted to student learning and understanding of the topic, including peer work and more meaningful assignments.

- Student centered.- Teacher has time to focus on students individually.- Nice use of technology.- Absent students can catch up easily.- Much more room for engaging and challenging lessons allowing the teacher to be the 'guide on the side'.

- The main idea is that teacher - student time becomes much more focused on the learner.- Students can move at their own pace outside of school, reviewing what they understand and preparing to learn what they don't.- Allows teachers to prepare engaging lessons based on the fact that students are already aware of the target knowledge.

- Not everyone will have access to the technology.- Heavy reliance on students to do the work at home. If they don't do it the class will be a complete waste for them.- Teachers need to be tech savy themselves, producing quality online lectures.


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