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the fleurbelles

This will also be liked to there Twitter account; ‘@TheFleurbelles’, and there YouTube account; ‘Punkygirlchannel’, this contains videos of there gigs, live video blogs and most importantly, there single ‘Don’t fit in your space’.

As The Fleurbelles are ‘Punky and ‘Quirky’ we know that the audience will be a niche of teenage girls, In some ways this will make them easier to market as they have a narrow brief. We know that social networking is very important In modern society so we have set up a Facebook page that has updated information of all tours, photographs of recent events, appearances and new merchandise will all be displayed on the site as well as a lot of extras.

We have booked them into the most popular summer festivals which contains many people of the desired age of there suited audience, these include Glastonbury, Reading, T in The Park and Reading festival next year, these dates will be paraded on the bands website.

We have recently signed a deal with The Dublin Castle in Camden for them to perform on a monthly basis as the girls live in Glasgow so it would be hard to travel. However we think that spreading there talent around the country so they can eventually build an international audience, we hope to build a commitment with this venue as its indie reputation is suitable to the bands genre.

We have also signed a deal with ‘King Tut's Wah Wah Hut’ in Glasgow as a more regular spot in there facility, we hope this will be spread by word of mouth. We have organised an appearance on Alan Carr’s show ‘Chatty Man’ to get there quirky, feisty and interesting personality across to the public. We have also arranged an appearance on Radio One with Fearne Cottons ‘Live Lounge’ where they can interact with their fans and answer any questions they may have, as well as this they can inform listeners of upcoming events.

They are also the face of the ‘End Violence against Women’ which aims to raise awareness about the nature, extent and impacts of violence against women in the UK, and how it can be prevented. This charity is really important for the position of the Fleurbelles as they have a strong female following and also express strong beliefs of feminist values in their songs. The advantage of this is the opportunity to give away free copies of the Fleurbelles latest song, in return for donations.

We have invested a lot of money for these girls in order to fully represent the band across all sections of the industry. We understand that the image of The Fleurbelles is very certain and although it may have a narrower audience we believe that there image is extremely important and so is consistency.

As upcoming artists we know that they will not receive immediate gratification, so we have released some free downloads of there single, we hope this will expand interest and gradually increase there consumers in the long run. We have prepared a magazine shoot with a punk magazine called ‘Soundcrave’ they will have a spread of six pages which will really boost there audiences that share similar genre interests.

They have began a new fashion line with there own individual styles in the punk/rock store ‘Attitude Clothing Co’. There clothing is very punky and quirky, this means that the like wearing creeper shoes, ripped clothing with bright colours, crazy hairstyles and excessive dark make-up.

To boost their brand identity I have come up with a unique font and logo for the Fleurbelles. The font is called 'Ravie' and it is bold to represent the 'punky' personality, and the symbol represents a head of crazy hair, but I chose it because I feel it has a deeper meaning and represents originality.

The Fleurbelles

Relations with the press will be at an all time low when one of the Fleurbelles starts dating a footballer, as the relationship becomes more in the public eye the press are eager to find out juicy gossip. With the member desperately trying to avoid unwanted attention away from her career prospects, she is struggling with the pressure of having an open relationship.



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