The Flaming Twenties

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The Flaming Twenties

Flappers were young women in the 1920s that wore short skirts, bobs and listened to jazz. They also used a lot of makeup, smoked and drove. Flappers also meant prostitutes, or of any lively mid-teenage girl. They observed sex as a casual thing and drank excessively.

1925 saw a real departure with the first 6 cylinder overhead valve engined car, the 2.7 litre 18/50. A fleet of seven 18/50's was used by the Duke and Duchess of York for the Royal Tour of New Zealand and a further 12 for that of Australia in 1927. These were a mix of touring cars and enclosed limousines, the ones to be used by the Duke (who later became King George VI) having red glasses in the side lights for identification purposes.

The big band and the guests all in 1920's attire (flapper dresses, helmet hats, fedoras, boas, beads, spats, suspenders, etc.). The men with slicked back hair, the women with spit curls. The images of the speakeasy, hip flasks, marathon dances, art deco, rumble seats, candlestick telephones, Tiffany lamps, bathtub gin, all stir the imagination with ideas for a truly memorable party. Most caterers can arrange for all of these kinds of supplies.

1920s’ Prohibition, restriction of the production, sale, transportation, importation, and exportation of alcoholic beverages, began when the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution went into effect on January 16, 1920. During 1920s' Prohibition, moonshine, also known as "hooch" and "white lightning," was illegally produced, especially in the southern states and Appalachia.

If you want to pull off a classic 1920s look you simply must have a bobbed hairstyle. A short, simple cut, the hair is generally level with the bottoms of the ears or chin, and is worn straight or waved, with or withoutbangs.The bob started during WWII when women who took on jobs in factories or driving ambulances cut their hair short for practicality. When famous dancing star Irene Castle lopped her hair in 1915, her huge popularity meant her new short style, which came to be knows as the ‘Castle Bob’, kicked off the bob’s emergence as a true trend of fashion rather than functionality.


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