The five principles of government

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The five principles of government

Separation of Powers

Limited Government

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The Five Principles of Government

The government is made by the people, meaning that the people who make political decisions, the representatives, president, senate, ect., were all elected by the people. An exasmple would be that in 2012, Americans chose Obama as President.

The branches haver certain powers to check and balance the pther branches. Each branch can limit the powers of the other. This makes sure no one branch is more powerful than another. An example is that the Senate can refuse to approce a treaty that the President has negotiated.

There is a national government that deals with issues that have to do with the entire country, and then state or county governments deal with the issues that are in their subdivisions. An example is that the state and local governments supervise the public school system.

There are three different branches in the government that are kept separated so there will not be any abuse in their powers. Legislative branch makes the laws, exectuive branch enforces laws, and the judicial branch interperates the laws. An example is that Congress makes the laws for the nation.

This gives the citizens more on how the government and local policies are run. It lets the citizens participate more in the government. An example would be that Congress cannot make a law that violates freedom of speech.


Checks and Balances

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