The five pillars of Islam

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The five pillars of Islam

The Five Pillars of Islam

The five pillars call for specific actions, and together they provide a basic framework for life.

All Muslims are required to pray five times each day while facing Mecca. Prayer usually happens on a specifically designed rug for thyis purpose. On Fridays public prayers happen in the mosque.

The confession of faith is known as the Shahada: "There is no god except God. Muhammad is the messenger of God." If one freely states this they are known officially as a Muslim.

II. Prayer

I. Confesion of Faith

IV. Wealth Sharing

Wealth sharing helps assure the economic welfare of the entire community. It requires Muslims to give 2 and a half percent of the value of their possessions to the public treasury. Wealth sharing is a form of worship.

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Fasting takes place during the month of Ramadan. From sun rise to sun down, Muslims must obstain fro eating, drinking, smoking, and engaging in sex. Fasting is beneficial for two reasons: It makes people appreciate things they usually take for granted, and it nutures the awareness of reality.

III. Fasting

Muslims, if they have the proper resources, must make a journey to Mecca, known as the hajj. Allah forgives the sins of those who take the journey. If one dies on the trip they become a martyr. Men must wear white, and women must wear color. The trip lasts for fifteen days, and takes place a certain month of the year.

V. Pilgrimage


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