The Five People you Meet in Heaven

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The Five People you Meet in Heaven

Eddie' life had always been in his eyes something unimportant or meaningless until one incident changed his life forever and led him to understand the truth. This book follows Eddie's life and death and the many hours after death, in heaven. In a heroic attempt to save a girl from a falling cart of an amusement park ride, Eddie, the 83 year old maintenance man at Ruby Pier, is killed and sent to heaven. In heaven, he encounters 5 people, each wanting to teach him 5 different lessons about life. These 5 people are all people he has encountered once before in his lifetime. This book explores tragedy, true life lessons and the true value of love and friendship.

I chose Tala for her amazing sense of forgiveness and understanding as young as she was when she died. Tala saw the good in Eddie and pulled him up to heaven so that he may see it and understand it as well. She assures him that everything happened for a reason no matter how awful or even how eventful some things are. Children are always more septible to forgiveness because of their attitude of living in the present and seeing the positive in every situation or person. The few with attitudes like Tala's are the ones who I believe are more content with life and what it has to offer. Life will throw you constant curves and bumps but how you react to them is what truly defines yourself as a person. Tala was very inspirational and in few words helped Eddie to realize he accomplished something very powerful in his lifetime and didn't even know it. She displayed true maturity and understanding of life that many adults still struggle with towards the end of their lives.

I chose this empowering song because of its strong representation of Eddie and Marguerite's love for one another. This song talks about a love that has been tested and "put to the flame". This means that it has been put through tests, challenges along its journey and it has only become stronger through all of it. The lyrics "gotta get up, I'm never givin' up" show of something that is so unique, so blessed that they are willing to do whatever it is they need to do to keep it at its triumph and glory. Marguerite's hospitalization was very tough on them and put their bond and love through some tough challenges of loyalty and patients as well as understanding. Although they were both in dark places at the time, Eddie still came out in the end with utmost admiration for her and still saw the same woman he fell in love with all those years ago yet stronger and wiser. India Arie has a very powerful voice and I think her spirit and style of singing set the perfect tone for their strong, persistent and unique love.

"There are no random acts in life"

I chose the lesson of sacrifice taught to Eddie by his commanding officer during the war. We make sacrifices in our everyday lives whether it's conscious or not, big or small. The Captain gave up his safety and his life so that his soldiers could make it out alive and live out the life they were meant to live. He may have lost everything but he gained something very valuable and kept his promise of leaving no man behind. He gained the chance to be the reason why Eddie lived out a life of caring and protecting children even if it started out under rough circumstances. The Captain said that sacrifice is the most noble thing a man can ever do. Giving another human being the chance to triumph and maybe even change their lives forever is revolutionary and how I believe everyone should act towards each other. We live in a society of such huge amounts of selfishness and greed that we forget to give back to others or put someone else's needs above our own. If we had more people like the Captain in our world, we would have a new motto of "success is found together" instead of "every man for themselves". The act of sacrifice is something that is not easy to obtain but for those who have obtained it already, I will always have tremendous respect for.



This LoveBy: India Arie

The Five People You Meet In Heaven

By: Mitch Albom

The Ferris wheel is a recurring image in every scene of Ruby Pier that Eddie invisions in heaven. I believe this Ferris wheel symbolizes the essence of the park. A Ferris wheel is something that's joyful, romantic, calm and adventurous which deep down, Eddie wanted to ensure every child felt while at the park. Other rides came and went but the Ferris wheel always stayed the same. Eddie took his first glance at its glorious beauty as a child and took his last with his beloved Marguerite as he found eternal happiness in her arms. The Ferris wheel also symbolized Eddie's cycle of life and death.

Glog by: Natasha Pratte

This theme is one that is a recurring theme throughout many areas in the book. I chose this theme because it is an idea that I've always believed in even to this day. No acts go unnoticed or happen for no apparent reason. A lot of times you are going to have curved balls thrown at you and you're going to have to deal with them in the best way that you can. Eddie may not have gotten to live out the life he always dreamed of or accomplish the career he always invisioned for himself but he gained something very valuable and that was bringing smiles and security to all the kids who enjoyed what Ruby Pier had to offer; this was an accomplishment that no amount of money can buy or no amount of money can make you feel. In some ways he accomplished more than what he had invisioned for himself originally.

The wedding scene where Eddie meets Marguerite for the first time in heaven was my favourite scene out of them all. All the laughter, joy and love was a good atmosphere to be around to get a sense of what their relationship was like. I think the scene was very cute and it reminded me of my sister's wedding and it brought back amazing, happy and funny moments which is what they wanted to portray about that time in their lives. The garden in that scene was absolutely breathtaking and so beautiful I couldn't keep my eyes off it the whole scene.

This setting was my favourite setting throughout the whole book. The fact that the author kept coming back to Ruby Pier, it made me feel like it was my "home" in the book. A place that was well known, comforting and fun! I've always been a fan of amusement parks and theme parks so this whole setting reminded me of when I was a kid like the ones in the book and how much fun I used to have.


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