The Five Founding Ideals

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The Five Founding Ideals

Ideal (eye-dee-uhl)AdjectiveA principal or standard of perfection we are always trying to acheive.Derivatives: Ideally (adverb)

The Five FoundingIdeals Of TheUnited States - Equality - Rights - Liberty - Opportunity - Democracy

The Five Founding Ideals

What are America's Founding Ideals and why are they important?

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Equality - All people are treated in the same way and valued the same.Rights - Powers or privileges granted to people by agreement or by law.Liberty - Freedom.Opportunity - The chance for people to pursue their hopes and dreams.Democracy - A system of government founded on the basis that the power to rule comes from the people.

The five founding ideals of America are equality, rights, liberty, opportunity and democracy. Equality is important because there is no prejudice in society and we are all equal, ensuring no-one is more or less important because as humans, we are all the same despite our skin-tones and religions. Rights give us various privelidges so we can express our opinions, important so people can do what they want , including protest something or have a petition. Liberty gives us freedom to live our life, make our own choices, behave how we want, something that pleases people. Opportunity gives us the chance to pursue our dreams, and do what we want. Democracy, the last ideal, is important because it ensures everyone is happy with the laws being passes and everyone gets a say in how they are being ruled. Together, these ideals are important because they are the principles that America, as a country is trying to acheive.

Ipsita KU.S. HistoryPeriod 1

The Civil Rights Movement fighting for equality and rights among black people.

Statue of Liberty

(Above): Opportunity to pursue your dreams(Below): America is a democracy.

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