The Fitzgeralds and 1920's

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The Fitzgeralds and 1920's


The Fitzgeralds and 1920's

Technology played one of the most vital parts in the growth of the cultural prosperity experienced during the 1920s. New advancements, and new inventions improved American lives in many if not every conceivable way possible.


AutomobileCreated better transporataion & created more jobs. The expensive cars were: Duesenburg Cadillac LincolnLie DetectorCreated by John Larson, it was used in police investagations Dial TelephoneFirst appeared in Toronto, it help the speard of imformation in the 1920's

ENTERTAINMENTIN THE 1920'sThe 1920’s were the source of new, popular types of mass entertainment with radios, and movies.Popular actors of the 1920's:Rudolf Klein-RoggeEmil JanningsDouglas FairbanksPopular actresses of the 1920's:Jobyna RalstonBrigitte HelmMaly DelschaftMovies became a daily part of American society and one of the biggest forms of entertainment during this decadePopular moives of the 1920's:Nosferatu (1922)Metropolis (1927)The Jazz Singer (1927)The Phantom of the Opera (1925)

Charleston, Quick step, and Dance marathons. These where things popular in the 1920's, the Charleston was one of the first to become popular. After came the Black Bottom, then in 1927, the Lindy Hop took over and became the most popular social dance. The Lindy Hop eventually evolved into Swing dance

F. Scott Fitzgerald,born September 24 1896,was an American author, he is known for his book "The Great Gatsby".

Dance and Musicin the 1920's

Zelda was 20 years old when she married Fitzgerald.In May of1921, the Fitzgeralds traveled to Europe. October 21 of the same year they had their first child, Scottie Fitzgerald.1925, F. Scott Fitzgerald publishes The Great Gatby, a few weeks later the family moves to paris.

A year after the stock market crash, Zelda had a nervous breakdown adn she spent a lot of time in the hospital.In 1931, they returned back to America, and Fitzgerald publishes "Emotional Bankruptcy,"1940 F. Scott Fitzgerald Dies from a heart attack, and 8 years later Zelda Fitzgerald dies in a fire at Highland Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina.

The Harlem Renaissance is a period in the 1920s when African-American achievements in art and music and literature flourished.MusicJazz was popular music durimg the Harlem Renaissance, it was played in all lively night clubs.Key Writers:Langston Hughes "The Negro Speaks of River"Zora Neale Hurston "Their Eyes Were Watching God"Claude McKay "Home to Harlem"

Harlem Renaissance


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