[2015] Brittney Coulter: The First to Fight: Oklahoma City

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[2015] Brittney Coulter: The First to Fight: Oklahoma City

The Facts:-The Oklahoma City Sit-Ins began in 1958.- Clara Luper, followed by 14 NAACP Youth started on their Civil Rights Journey.-Oklahoma City NAACP Youth were the first group to take on segregation in public accommodations.-The youth experienced very little fight, making their cause known as one of the best nonviolent movements.

Oklahoma born, Clara Luper as a young child always imagined herself changing the world and she knew that one day she woud take part in the fight for her rights.

Remembering Their Accomplishments

The First to Fight: Oklahoma City Sit-Ins 1958-1964by Brittney Coulter AFAM 3333 Spring 2015

Clara Luper and the 14 NAACP Youth work to integrate Oklahoma City's major dinners and stores including Katz Drugstore, John A Brown's, Kress,Veazey's Drugstore, and Green's Variety Store.

Clara Luper, Oklahoma's prominent figure for the Civil Rights movements, impacted Oklahoma greatly. She has earned the title of a true icon for the state of Oklahoma. She is remembered and honored for her remarkable determination and courage.

Fourteen NAACP Youth courageously participate in their sit-in movement with great hopes to change the segregation in Downtown Oklahoma City.


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