The First Thanksgiving

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The First Thanksgiving

The first thanksgiving was in celebration of the first successful harvest

The Pilgrims invited the Wampaoag and their leader King Massasoit to the feast.

The Pilgrims had to hunt for their own food; more than likely, duck was the main course.

Without the help of the Wampaoag people, the Pilgrims would have never survived their first year in the new world.

The first Thanksgiving celebration lasted a week long!

How is your Thanksgiving different from that of the Pilgrims? What kinds of traditions do your family share?

What?? No TURKEY??

The First Thanksgiving

That's a really long time!!!

For more information on the first Thanksgiving celebration, watch this video!

The Pilgrims celebrated their first Thanksgiving feast in 1691, one year after their arrival in the new world


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