The First Stone by Don Aker

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The First Stone by Don Aker

Dear Potential Future Reader of the First Stone.This book may look very unappealing while viewing it from the naked eye, you want excitement, not some boring love story. I get it, because that was where I was, struggling to figure out what book to choose. Eventually I decided on this one. It looked different compared to all the others, unlike many romance books which all end with happily ever after, this one ends with a plot twist which I think will give the reader a different perspective of romance books. I admit this book was boring at first and I didn't want to read it anymore. But as I kept reading, it became so interesting, that I couldn’t put it down. If you do decide to read this book, you have to be open minded, you have to want to expand in creativity because it's the only way to fully understand Don Aker’s way of thinking. While I was reading the book, I had an open mind and I was able to read in between the lines and expand on everything written, I even imagined the book happening in my mind while reading, like a mini movie. This book was amazing to read and it helped me so much, especially in writing, it helped me elaborate on my ideas, points, and quotes. It truly was and still is an amazing book. If you decide to read this book, you won’t regret it for one second. Don Aker did a phenomenal job with it. Read the book!-Serena Lo Monaco, Grade 9 2014

Learning Strategies

"The gritty but sensitive reality of The First Stone will certainly appeal to younger people... It’s a page turner.” -Budge Wilson“Takes us to the edge and back... superbly conceived.” -Ron Jobe Ph., D UBC“Highly recommended.” -Dave Jenkinson, editor, CM

I used two learning strategies while reading The First Stone. Questioner, and Summarizer. Using questioner as one learning strategy helped me because it allowed me to ask myself questions I would have while reading, I would tab those using sticky notes and then I would go back and reflect later. Whether it was me answering my own question, or going to another one of my peers or family members for help, it opened up my mind a little bit more to expand on the topic at hand. I was able to further understand my questions in greater detail, rather than just using what the book had to offer. Summarizer is another one of my learning strategies, this strategy really helped in understanding key topics in the book, it showed me how taking every main topic and summarizing it can narrow down what really matters, not the little details, which don’t really matter. It also allowed me to have options on points for my essay, also giving me a wide range of quotes to choose from. You just have to read between the lines to have a wider perspective on what it is you want or what it is you are talking about.


"Sqeezing the rock in his clenched fist made Reef Kennedy feel powerful. It was easy, then, to look down from the overpass to choose an anonymous target...Now Leeza Hemming's world has exploded, her body twisted and broken from the car crash that nearly killed her. Facing months of torturous rehabilitation to cure her damaged body and spirit, Leeza finds a friend in an unlikely hospital volunteer, a young man about her age who looks like he would rather be anywhere than a hospital. Reaching out to one another in an unconscious need for healing, neither Leeza nor Reef can guess that their fragile bond is based on an act of cruelty and hate."

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“It was being with Leeza. There was something about her that he couldn’t get enough of.”“He hadn’t been able to get Leeza out of his head, had lain awake half the night thinking about her. Reef had never felt this way before.”“He gripped the rock seeking strength and chose a target.”

The First Stone By Don Aker

A letter to the Reader

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Blinded by Love, or Meant to Be?


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