The First Mushers

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The First Mushers

The First Mushers Dog Traits

The First Mushers The first Iditarod was in 1973. The winner was Dick Willmarth. The runner ups were Bobby Vent and Dan Seavey. This first race was a great way to bring sled dogs back to pulling sleds.

How it was Started Sled dogs were transportation in Alaska long ago. They were soon replaced by snowmoblies. In an effort to save the sled dogs (because they loved to run), Dorothy Page and Joe Redington Sr. created the Iditarod. It worked.

The Dogs To have a dog in the Iditarod it must be a northern breed, and must have a natural fur to protect them. The dogs in the Iditarod can also wear jacket. Most commonly used is the Alaskan Husky.The Alaskan Huskey is a breed of tons of Nordic breeds but is considered a pure blood (Parents are of one each the same and have one breed).

What makes a good sled team leader? A sled team leader should be a good athlete, hard working, curious, and friendly. They must be able to work with other dogs. If your lead sled dog fights a lot with your other dogs, rethink about it being the lead.

Dick Willmarth

Dan Seavey

The Sled The sled was much different in 1973 than it is now. It wasn't as safe as it is now. This could be why the First Iditarod was the longest at 32 days, 5 hours, and 9 minutes. Or it could have been the lack of experience. But most likely it was because in the first race, it wasn't competitve at all. they just did it for the fun.


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