The First Lady

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The First Lady

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt born into a wealthy family on 10/11/1884. She is never really addressed by the full name you may know her as Eleanor Roosevelt the First lady of the United States but that’s not the only thing in her life she was/accomplished. When she was younger her parents both died while she was still of a young age, she grew up with her oldest brother Elliot Roosevelt. In 1903 Eleanor was a teacher for an all-Girls school, only 2 year later she was married to her cousin Franklin Roosevelt on March 17th. In 1919 she cared for wounded soldiers and worked for the navy-marine corps relief society and in the Red Cross canteen. 1933 she becomes the first lady of the US, March 6th 1933 Eleanor becomes the first wife of a president to hold all-female press conferences for Franklin. In 1994 Eleanor assists with the formation of the National Youth Administration; she coordinates meetings between FDR and NAACP leader Walter White to discuss anti-lynching legislation. Five years later, in 1939, Eleanor will defy segregation laws when she sits between whites and blacks at the Southern Conference for Human Welfare in Birmingham, Alabama; she arranges for Marian Anderson to sing at the Lincoln Memorial on Easter Sunday. In 1945 Eleanor is elected as head of the United Nations Human Rights Commission she starts the write the draft for the Declaration of Human Rights which in 948 is passed by the United Nations. She initiates the creation of Americans for Democratic Action, a group which focuses on domestic social reform and resistance against Russia and the developing Cold War. After a successful and amazing life sadly Eleanor Roosevelt dies of tuberculosis at the age of 78.

In 1933 Eleanor became the First lady of the united states for 10 years Between 1933 and 1945 she dicated 25,000 newspapers ,wrote 299 magazine articles, published 6 books, made more than 70 speeches a year, and traveled a lot for her works and obligations She made it possible for women to vote(nineteenth amendment) She was apart of 4 important organizations The league of women voters, The women’s trade league, the women’s city cub, and The women’s division of the NYS democratic committee She was a part of the UN committee that wrote the universal Declaration of Human Rights


1884 - Born1905 - Married Franklin Roosevelt1933- Became the first lady of the United States 1962- passed away from Tuberculosis

She is Powerful

She made the Nineteenth Amendment in 1918 possible, this amendment made it legal for women to vote. This law is still here to this day.


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The FirstLady




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