[2014] JoeWhiteman: The First Flyable Aircraft

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[2014] JoeWhiteman: The First Flyable Aircraft

Invented By: Orville and Wilbur Wright (right)

The First Flyable Aircraft

"The Wright Flyer" (Shown left)

Childhood:Wilbur Wright was born on April 16, 1871, and 4 years later Orville was born on August 19, 1871. When they were both young, their father brought them home a toy helicopter, and the boys played with it until it broke. So they made their own, this sparked their interest in flying.

How They Are Remembered:Today they are remembered by memorials, toys, museums, and by NASA. In Kitty Hawk, NC, they have a memorial and museum all about the Wright brothers (below). Lego for the 100 year aniversarry made a lego Wrigth Flyer that you could buy (left). Nasa also remembers the Wright brother because they designed the future of airspace. They made a gold coin to remember the right brothers (right).

Before The Wright FlyerBefore they invented the first flyable aircraft, the brothers oppened up a bicycle repair shop (right). With their love for mechanisms, this was a good job for them. One of the first bikes they made is still around, not working though (bottom right). After a while, they started studying how a bird flys.

The Wright FlyerBefor the Wright's made and tested their machine, they studied birds and how they flew. They saw other poeple attempts for a flying machine and realized they failed due to lack of control. The first think they designed, was a 3 axis, wing-warp control. After they got that down, they started on the glider itself. The first few planes they made had no engine, but it was more of a test to see the skills and how the plane controlled.

The Wright Flyer 2

The Wright Flyer 3 (above and below)

SUCESS!At last they made the Wright Flyer 1 fly only for a few seconds. The Wright Flyer 2 flew for 26 seconds covering 622 feet. The Wright Flyer 3 was tested many times in Kitty Hawk that day. The thing dissferend about the Flyer 3 is that it was powered. The longest flight that day lasted 59 seconds, covering 852 feet.

The Wright Flyer 1


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