The First Cell Phones

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The First Cell Phones

The First Cell Phones


The first cell phone is a complicated piece of technology, but the first cell phone weighed 2.5 lbs. It also was 10 inches long.

It improved where you can talk without a giant extension cord following you. It also change how we talk because there were so many characters to use like OMG. Although they did improve the risk to get into a car accident while using it. This technology also lead to "mini computers" stuffed into back pockets.

The inventor was Martin Cooper. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.


What you could do with it is you could dial a number to call somone, talk through it, and listen through it.



Cell phones were invented in 1973 on April 3. The charging process took 10 hours, instead of 10 minutes and you could only use it for 30 minutes. This piece of technology was invented with Motorola company, against Bell Labs.


Martian Cooper, the inventor of the first cell phone.


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