[2015] Luke Allen: The First Avenger

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[2015] Luke Allen: The First Avenger

The First Avenger

A Hero's Journey

Road of Trials

Ultimate Boon





Meeting the GoddessPeggy Carter is Steve Roger's goddess. He first meets her during his initial training before he is given Erskine's Serum. His biggest regret after Fury rescues him from the ice 70 years later is that he never got to go on his date with Peggy.

Supernatural AidThe serum, developed by Dr. Abraham Erskine, gives Steve the strength and speed required to become Captain America! This coupled with his personality make him the hero that Erskine wanted.

The CallDr. Abraham Erskine asks Steve to participate in his tests to create a super soldier. Dr. Erskine islooking for someone who shows bravery and selflessness. Steve's willpower and conviction impress Erskine.

Rescue from Without70 years later, NickFury finds Stevefrozen in the ice andrescues him.

Magic FlightCaptain America has defeated the Red Skull and acquired the Tesseract. Now he sacrifices himself to ensure the plane crashes harmlessly and the tesseract is lost.

Refusal of the CallOnce Steve has been awakened he shocked by how different the world his. Realizing that everyone he knows is dead or near dead, all he has left is Captain America.


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