The First Airplane

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The First Airplane


The airplane was invented by two brothers, Orville and Wilbur Wright, in 1903. Even though the first airplane looked much different than the models we see today, the invention was a major scientific breakthrough. The airplane continues to assist our world and awe us with the possibility of flight.

The Wright Brothers original design for the airplane was modeled after observing the flight of birds. It was a simple bi-plane made from fabric and spruce wood with a wingspan of 40 feet. The plane was called "The Flyer", weighed 600 pounds, and was powered by an internal combustion engine of the Wright Brothers own invention. A pilot would lay between the wings and steer the aircraft with cables connected to the rudders and wings.

What did the original airplane look like?

The airplane impacted our world to a great degree. Before it's invention, overseas travel of people, produce, etc. could only be done by ships. The airplane not only made overseas travel easier, it also greatly sped up travel time. Soon after the Wright Brothers invented the airplane, they signed a contract to begin building aircraft for military usage. This agreement ultimately revolutionized war and the way in which war was fought.

We see airplanes being used for many reasons in our world today. It allows us to visit new places, learn about new cultures, and expand our knowledge of the world. The airplane assists with trade, making it easier and much more efficient. It continues to be used for military reasons and transforms the way in which wars are fought. The airplane has come a long was since it's invention and continues to improve every day.

Where do we see the airplane today?

The Wright Brothers


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