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The Firm

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The FirmBy: John Grisham

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Chapters 33-41With Avery being in the hospital, Mitch is told that he has to take over on his trip to the Caymans which raises many red flags. Mitch meets with Tammy to make sure that Abanks is ready and that the files are in place. Back at the prison the guards escort Ray to the fence and break him out in a well executed jail break and have a guide waiting for him on the other side. The corrupt FBI agent gives his information to Vinnie Cozzo and gets 200k for it. As he leaves he gets caught by his fellow FBI agents. Mitch gets a call telling him to get out of there. He sprints out and avoids them all day. He gets the files in a uhaul and meets Ray and Abby. Its an all out race as both the FBI,who are trying to protect him, and the mob chase him. They end up making it to the florida coast and hide out in a motel by the name of seagulls rest motel. Mitch pays the clerk absurd amounts of money to keep quiet becuase the FBI and mob are flying up and down the strip in search of them. The mob fake reports of the Mcdeere's in another area to free it up for them to go try and find them. The mob take sthe liberty of killing Avery as well. The mcdeeres are almost caught on the night of the escape. The Nordic who has followed them throughout the entire ordeal, fights them until ray kills him. Abanks pulls up in a boat at the dock and takes them out to the sailboat. The Mcdeeres then go on to live out the rest of their lives in the carribean with a cool 8 million in cash that Mitch stolefrom the firm.

Chapter 17-24Abby begins by leaving town to go visit her parents on christmas. Mitch waits then goes to go and see what his mother is up to, who he hasn't seen in years. Lomax the detective mitch hired is confronted by a man needing help. He goes to help the man and is shot. After christmas the entire firm is outfitted with new copiers that charge for every copy. The partners are working with Lazorov to monitor mitches every move for when he goes to his tax seminar in washington D.C. When mitch arives at the seminar, there is a note waiting for him from Denton voyles, the director of the FBI. At lunch he meets Voyles at a bench in the park. They discuss having Mitch get enough evidence against the firm to indict every member past and present. Mitch then learns that the Firm is run by the Morolto crime family. When back in Memphis Tarrance found mitch and almost got them both caught by the firms men. DeVasher, head of security at the firm, takes Mitch for a drive where he shows him the pictures they got of him and the girl in the caymans, blackmail. In addition, the top people in the firm have begun making plans to take out Mitch. Tammy the secretary begins to set up shop for the plan that awaits the Mcdeere's. Mitch meets Wayne on a bus to strike up a deal to help take out the firm. Mitch goes to visit a client and the plan is put in place. Mitch meets with Tarrancce again to try and finalize a deal, which means ray needs to get out of prison.

Chapter25-32Mitch and Abby flew down to grand cayman for a vacation on her spring break. Mitch learns the Tarrence and some other FBI agents are there. They tell him how they are there to identify the "goons" and for his protection, which scares Mitch. Mitch and Abby go meet with Abanks and go out on a boat together. The partners at the firm decide its time to find out the truth and contact a corrupt FBI agent to get information. Abby shows up at the firm and tells Mitch that she has to go visit her mother because she is very ill. She actually goes to meet Tammy to work on the plan. They then make their way to grand caymanto get all the files out of the condo in an elaborate hoax. The terms of the plan are worked out once again. Tammy runs back and forth between the U.S. and Grand Cayman to bring all the files back. The agent from the FBI meets to tell them about whats really happening and how mitch is going to give the FBI all the files. Mitch meets Tarrance again to discuss dilivery of the files. The partners decide its time to take action against mitch and begin planning. Avery has a "heart attack" and is in the hospital. When mitch goes to see him Tarrance is there in the waiting area as they planned. It is almost time for mitch to deliver since the FBI has given him his million all he needs is Ray.

Chapters 9-16After the misterious deaths of two assosiates, Hodge and Kozinski, A ceremony is held in their place at the firm. On the wall in the main library is all the portriats of the lawyers who have died while at the firm. Mitch finally takes the long awaited bar exam. At home abby's parents are in town to visit. They are amazed at what mitch has accomplished, even though they are not fond of each other. He is called down one day by the main partner for a meeting in the main library . Everyone is present and they make it seem like bad news, but it is quite the opposite. Mitch has passed the bar exam with the second highest score. Later mitch is confronted while at lunch. Wayne Terrance a FBI agent has come to warn him about the firm. When he reports it to his friend Lamar, they sit down with all the main partners and have a talk about how the FBI and IRS. They saythat the FBI is just harrasing them. Mitch decides it's time to make a long awaited visit to his brother Ray who is in prison. His brother has him meet with his friend who got out who is doing private detective work.Mitch then is told that he is going to the caymans with avery on busineess. He ends up having an affair with a girl he met at the bar. Mitch also goes and meets with Abanks, who owns the dive shack where the two lawyers were killed. Eddie Lomax the private investigator tells him about how all the associates have been killed and that he should watch his back.

Chapters 1-8 The book begins with a young lawyer named Mitchell Mcdeere. He was top five in his class at harvard and has offers from all the big firms in the U.S. A small firm named Bendini, Lambert and Locke sweeps him off his feet with an amazing offer. Mitch gets his own office which they furnish with every luxury one would need. He starts working nonstop. Day and night he works. Avery, who was the partner assigned to help mitch, has him put off his bar exam srudying to finish a very important case, the Capps case, before the deadline is hit. Mitch begins missing dinner and coming home very late ,if at all. During a firm dinenr to celebrate, two men take the Mcdeere's car. They drive across town and enter the house like no big deal. They place bugs in both the car and the house making sure to leave no evidence.

"If I slam on brakes I get twenty noses up my ass"(Grisham, 342).

"Any lawyer worth his salt knew the first offer had to be rejected"(Grisham,295).

"... After Exhibit MM1485, he had identified nine hundred millionn dollars hiding in Cayman banks"(Grisham, 510).


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