[2014] Jack Belanger (ENG1De): The Fire Demonds

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[2014] Jack Belanger (ENG1De): The Fire Demonds

The Fire DemonsBy J. Fitzgerald McCurdy

At the beginning of the novel, Steele, a twelve year old boy is bullied by Dirk, a classmate. He goes on to battle aliens who are at war under the city where he lives. Steele's two friends, Mac and Riley help Steele to stop the evil aliens, known as Fire Demons by working with good aliens. The use of magic helps the group save hundreds of kids from evil.

The main theme of this novel is that good will always prevail against evil.

The story takes place in Toronto, Ontario at the begining but as the book progresses, the adventure moves into New York City.

The protagonists are Steel, Mac and Riley. They fight evil and protect the world.

Main Theme

The antagonists are Dirk and his friends as well as the Prince of Darkness, an evil alien. The Prince tried to kill Steel and Dirk bullied him throughout.





Who's Laughing nowJessie J


"They held his arms while Dirk rifled through his jacket pockets, found his bank card and pass book and discovered the $500 he had deposited into his new account the previous afternoon""They are evil things that belong to the Fire Demons. They do not possess intelligence or a conscience. But they are creatures of instinct, cunning and dangerous."'I could probably fight five or six of them at a time," answered the old man. "And Maddie Fey proved that she can handle two or three, or even more. But, Steele, you have the power to destroy all of them."

Dirk and his friends bully Steele in the begining but Steele rises up and finds his magical powers to save the world and become a hero.


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