The fight for the african elephant

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The fight for the african elephant

Habitat-hot, dry climate- live in the wild- mostly found in Africa

Interesting Facts- can suck as much as two gallons of water in trunk at a time- cover there self in dirt to keep cool- can eat 300 pounds of food in a day- can live to be 70 years old- Tanzania alone, poachers kill thirty elephants a day- make ivory tusks into carvings/ sculptures- ancient tradition for China to carve ivory- 84% of the ivory sold in China is illegal- if current things keep happening, elephants could go extinct in a couple decades

Diet- water- roots- leaves- fruit- grasses- bark

Why are They Endangered?- poaching- habitat destruction- hunt for their ivory tusks- lions, crocidiles, and other meat- eaters eat calves(baby elephants)- China wants the tusks

Physical Characteristics- african elephants trunk is about seven feet long- tusks are teeth that grow there whole life- can weigh more than six tons - stand as tall as twelve feet at the shoulder

What Can We do to Help?- try to preserve their land- try to find different sources of ivory- try to cut off their tusks without hurting them

Click on the beautiful ivory carving above to read an article about ivory.

Above is a dead elephant. As you can see, they have taken off the tusks for the ivory.

Above is a picture of an african elephant eating bark with it's trunk.

Click on the picture above to go to a great article and learn more on the movie "Battle For The Elephants" which is coming out soon.

The Fight For The African Elephant By Keara Polovick

Above is a picture of african elephant. As you can see their trunks are very long.


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