The Fifties

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The Fifties

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The Fifties Really Razz my Berries


Frank Sinatra was a famous crooner during this time period which meant he was a pop male singer who was accompanied by a whole orchestra during his performances.

Elvis was a very popular artist of Rock and Roll during this time.

Coca Cola was the fad in the 50's.

Everyone has a clean. fast car.

I love lucy was a good T.V. show that depicted the time period.

Things back then were on a different economic scale, making pricers much less.

Real gone-very much in love

Made in the Shade-success

Word from the Bird-the truth

Copasetic-everything is fine


The Baby Boom was a massive population growth between 1946 and 1964. Its main causes were all the men coming home from the war ready to settle down and start families and the now booming economy. This effected the population and economy of the 50's.

Suburbs were communities of similar housing that became widely popular in the 50's. Suburbs helped government to give GI bills to the WWII and Korea veterans and it helped to portray the image of a "perfect, traditional family."

Conformity became a key thing to strive for to Americans living in the 50s. It could be seen in the same hairstyles, similar dressing, the desire to fit the perfect family mold and life style. With America blooming and blossoming after times of war, it was important to people to reach a standard of good and true American living.

President Truman's main objectives focused on stopping the spread of communism after WWII. His main methods and plans included the Truman doctrine, the Marshall plan, and NATO. President Eisenhower also trying to stop the take over on soviet ways and beliefs built up the countries nuclear weaponry to attempt to ward off the soviets without endangering the citizens in another war. Also he focused on beating them in more technological areas life the space race. President Eisenhower created NASA to try and compete with the soviets more advanced space satellite technology and we eventually beat them with the first person on the moon.

During the 50s bomb shelters became very desirable to the average American citizen. Due to the cold war period they were in, which included the soviets showing off newly developed nuclear weaponry and the attempted spread of communism by the soviets, people were afraid that some of this nuclear power would be used leading to heavy preparation in the form of fall out bunkers or bomb shelters.

Do to Americans just getting out of wars and the threat of nuclear attack Americans turned heavily back to their religious roots. In times of high stress and scare people tend to turn to their religion and faith to comfort them and help them threw their fears, so we saw a major incline in religion in American citizens.

The Living End!-the very best

Post war economy in the 50s boomed which led to a major rise in consumerism. Also, all of the factories that were producing war goods made a huge switch over to a variety of different goods. With the creation of a middle class and all of the new technology and products consumerism was a big part of the 50's.

Gender roles played a huge part in 50s household. To conform to the perfect family structure that Americans tried to fit at the time, men and women had certain duties that they did or didn’t do to fit the gender stereotyping.

Gimme some Skin!-give a high five

Cleaning companies advertised towards women


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