The fifth wave

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The fifth wave

Author: Rick Yancy

Title: The Fifth Wave

Vocabulary Harvestfast-paced (adj.)electrifying (adj.)page-turner (n.)masterpiece (n.)

SettingEarthpost-alien invasion

Main Character Cassie, a tough teenage girl, struggles to survive the invasion of Earth by hostile aliens, determined to exterminate humanity.

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The Fifth Wave is a fast-paced science fiction thriller by Rick Yancy. Cassie, a tragedy toughened teen, has managed to survive the first four waves of attack by hostile aliens, but she's learned that they will never quit until the entire human race has been exterminated. Is it even possible to stop their mission of destruction? For a non-stop thrill ride of action and mayhem on planet Earth, pick up your copy today!

The Monstrumologist (2009)The Curse of the Wendigo (2010)The Final Descent (2013)* Because of the intensity of their plots, Mr. Yancey's books are recommended for students in 8th grade and above.


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