The Fibonacci Series

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The Fibonacci Series

“The Fibonacci Series” Who is Leonardo Fibonacci? The "greatest European mathematician of the middle ages". His real name was Leonardo Pisano, he was born on Pisa, Italy in March, 23, 1170. Its true that he was born in italy but he studied all his life in Africa, where he discover number systems that have influenced all the world! Who do you think invented decimals? Also who do you think gave birth to our Hindu-Arabic number system and replaced the roman numeral with it? Fibonacci did he also included 0 on place valeu and created the fibonacci sequence.Idea and information from: School of mathematics and statistics scootland.

"The Fibonacci Sequence"1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, ... Here we can clearly notice the pattern. Each number is the sum of the two preceding numbers. It is a sequence that is seen and used in different areas of mathematics and even science.

Why is Fibonacci sequence important, in what does it helps anyway?Well the fibonacci sequence is used in science and mathematics. For what? It defines the curvature of naturally occurring spirals; snail shells and the pattern of seeds in flowering plants! It is also used for some fractions an example would be 1/89.

“The Fibonacci Series” The Golden Ratio or the divine ratio.

What gave birth to the fibonacci sequence? Fibonacci in the 1012 became really interested in rabits so he came up with a question "How many pairs of rabbits will there be a year from now?" So he started analyzing this accpects:1. You begin with one male rabbit and one female rabbit. These rabbits have just been born.2. A rabbit will reach sexual maturity after one month.3. The gestation period of a rabbit is one month.4. Once it has reached sexual maturity, a female rabbit will give birth every month.5. A female rabbit will always give birth to one male rabbit and one female rabbit.6. Rabbits never die.Then he discoverd that every month 2 new rabbits would be born, so if we started with 2 and they had 2 there would be 4 rabbits and the 4 had 2 others each, there would be 8 and so on. So that gave fibonacci his sequence idea,

1.61803398875 the golden ratio was created to replace the mean. I represents a valance between extremes.

defines the curvature of snail shells

the fibonacci sequence also describes the pattern of seeds in flowering plants.

This paint is really interesting its from Leonardo Da Vinci. This painting has the golden ratio, golden rectangle, golden triangle and the golden pyramid!

By: Maria Jose Fdz7A #4Teacher: Perla Cardenas