The Fetching Fifties

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Social Studies
American History

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The Fetching Fifties

The Fetching Fifties

Everyone was expected to have a car because that fit into the conformity idea of the time period.

Women only wore dresses that showed little to no skin. Women were very conservative.

Advertisments throughout this time period were geared toward a mass audience for various items such as Ford automobiles. Other popular items included household appliances such as washing machines.

I Love Lucy was a popular television show in the 1950s. Its classic humor lives on today.

Rock 'n' Roll was a popular type of music. It was a combination of African American blues, jump blues, country, jazz, and gospel music.

Crooners were male "pop stars" accompanied by a piano, an orchestra, or a big band.

Important TermsBaby Boom - period in the 1950's of an increased birth rate following WWIISuburbs - a residential area outside of a cityGender Roles - cultural expectations of males and femalesConsumerism - the promotion of consumer goods to better the economyResurgence in religion - a widespread assumption that the world is experiencing a global rise in religionBomb Shelters - a chamber reinforced against bombing and provided with food and living facilitiesConformity - behaving with socially accepted standardsTruman/Eisenhower - Presidents during the 1950s

Slang TermsFat City - a great placeBig Daddy - an older personChrome Dome - bald guyDrag - a boring personFuzz - the policePaper Shaker - cheerleaderKick - a good, fun thingCherry - pristine