The Feather

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The Feather

The Feather

By Margaret WildIllustrated by Freya Blackwood

"In darkness of day"


Plot Summary


Opinion about the Book

This story is set in two places. One is a house in the middle of the forest. Another is a dark, sad gloomy town. It is full of pollution and from the story it says that the people never see any sun or clouds. The only thing that is bright are the children who have hearts full of love and belief. Also the feather is the only thing that is illuminating  the town and glows as the children carry it. The house in the middle of the woods is the children's house. It is small and looks dirty.

The two main characters are Nico and Maria, a brother and a sister. They have loving, caring hearts. That is why they are always in colour . They want to set the feather free instead of it being kept in a museum. And when the feather turns dirty, they still keep it and look after it. Then the next day they set it free. The other characters are people in the city. For example and lawyer and the mayor. They are all cold hearted people. When the children find the feather they all want to keep in in the museum. But when it becomes dirty, they scold the children and don't care about the feather.

This story is about two children called Nico and Maria. They live in a world full of pollution and everything is dirty. There is no blue sky or white fluffy clouds. The only things that are colourful are the two children, who have kind and caring hearts. One day a soft and silky feather drifts down onto their garden. Niko wants to keep it inside to brighten the place up but Maria says not. It has to be free. So they take to town.Everyone wants to keep it inside the museum. But it becomes dirtier and dirtier. Soon no one wants it. The town people only want something beautiful. But the children keep it, thinking its beautiful. The next day they set the feather free. This is a story about freedom and hope.

"It's soft and silky"

Copy and Paste

Personally, I found this book boring. I found that  I did not enjoy the book because it was just about a feather. The feather was not lifelike, it cleaned itself and made it self dirty if it wanted to. It could also change its mass and it was a huge feather. Much larger than normal. It just seemed so unreal. Also it was sad. Who wants to live in a world with no sun or clouds? I may happen in the future but we have to enjoy what we have now.

Rating and Recommendation


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