The Feast of Twelfth Night

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The Feast of Twelfth Night

Feasting, Entertainment, Gift-GivingOn the Twelfth Night people would give gifts to each other, and eats lots of food the central element of the celebration was the twelfth night cake. They had fools and clowns for entertainment.

The Feast of Twelfth Night(Epiphany)

Religious CelebrationsIn Christianity, Twelfth Night is a holiday on January 5th or 6th that marks the 12th and final night of the Christmas season. The Twelve Days of Christmas are the twelve days beginning on night of Christmas and ending on Epiphany.

What is the Feast of Twelfth Night?The Feast of Twelfth Night is a festival that is on the 5th or 6th of January. This feast is held because of the twelfth day of Christmas . This Holiday was celebrated by Christians. At the feast there would be alot of food, entertainment, gift-giving etc.

The Lord of MisruleToby's disobedient behavior and refusal to exactly follow orders makes him a kind of "Lord of Misrule" (a person selected to be in charge of celebrations/parties during holiday celebrations like Twelfth Night). Toby acts as the ring leader throughout the play, planning entertainment and causing mischief.

Festivities at The Middle TempleFestival times celebrating Christmas and Candlemass were especially important and Middle Temple became famous for hosting various forms of entertainment including dancing, masques, revels and of course the staging of plays.


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