The Fault in Our Stars

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The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars

1-6Hazel Grace Lancaster is a 16 year old teen from Indiana living with thyroid cancer that met her lungs. She spends her days watching tv, spending time with her parents, eating like a bird, and going to her church support group which was recommended by her doctor to help with her depression. The support group is in the heart of jesus which is in the church basement. One day at support group Hazel meets a boy named Augustus. Augustus, while sitting in the heart of jesus he can’t seem to take his eyes off of her. In support group they chat and he says his name is Augustus Waters, he is 17, and had osteosarcoma a year and a half ago and is with his friend Isaac today. He expresses that he is afraid of oblivion. Hazel jumps in and says that he needs to get over that he is afraid of oblivion because there will be a day when we will all be forgotten and you can’t be scared of the inevitable. After support group Augustus chats with hazel about making plans after. While in the midst of talking he takes out a cigarette and she is completely disgusted. He explains that it is just a metaphor. He says, “It's a metaphor, see: You put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don't give it the power to do its killing” (Green 20). They end up hanging out after and Augustus drives Hazel to his house with his rather erratic driving skills. He explains that his license was given to him as a cancer perk. At his house they share their stories and their favorite books. They make a deal that he has to read her favorite book An Imperial Affliction and she has to read his favorite book The Price of Dawn. They will call each other once they both finish their books. Hazel doesn’t even tell her best friend Kaitlyn about Augustus yet. She instead tries to finish the book so they can talk. Finally Augustus texts her and vents about the book An Imperial Affliction. When they call each other Hazel hears Isaac crying in the background and makes her way over. Isaac and his girlfriend had broken up. Augustus let’s Isaac break all of his trophies to get his anger out. A week later Augustus tells Hazel how Peter Van Houten emailed Augustus back about An Imperial Affliction. She was super excited to hear that her favorite author ever emailed Augustus. Hazel emails Peter too and he responds the next morning and offers if she wants to come to Amsterdam. Hazel wants her and Augustus to use their wish on going to Amsterdam. Augustus takes Hazel out for a picnic and brought a lot of orange foods. He then says it’s the Netherlands national color and that they will be going to Amsterdam using his wish. The Doctors say she can only go if her mom goes along too. Hazel scared too scared to let Augustus into her life said that she was a grenade and that she will burst at any moment.

13-18The next day they told Hazel’s mom about Peter and then took a walk by themselves. He sat Hazel down and told her that his cancer has returned and that it is all over. He went to Amsterdam because he wanted this for Hazel and he skipped Chemo treatment because of it. When they return Hazel stays with Augustus while he does cancer treatment. Isaac was talking about how rude his ex-girlfriend was and then they decide they should egg her car. It was the pay back she deserved. Later on Augustus was rushed to the ER and his mom politely asked her for space. Augustus and Hazel eventually got to see each other and drank champagne in a park. She is with Augustus sun up and sun down. She never wants to leave his side. Hazel asks him one day if he would write a eulogy for her. Later that night she got a call and Augustus needed help. She met him at a gas station and his G-tube was infected. She called the hospital and he was admitted.

19-25When Augustus gets home from the hospital he spends his days mostly in his bed with Hazel right by his side. Augustus’s family is so grateful that she is a part of his life and that he has her to support him through his final days. Augustus asks Hazel if she could write a eulogy for him and meet him in the heart of Jesus. Before leaving Hazel’s parents think that she spends too much time with Augustus. She tells them that his days are numbered and leaves. When she gets to the church Isaac gives his eulogy and she gives hers. She expresses her love for him and how a world without him will feel empty. Tears filled the room that night. In the middle of the night she gets a phone call and she knows that he passed away. She lost it. She loved him so much! When she goes to the funeral she puts one last pack of cigarettes on his coffin. She expresses her condolences and then gives her eulogy. Peter Van Houten was there in the crowd. Peter was talking nonsense and she kicked him out. She went home to her dad who said Gus was a gift to know and love. Hazel hangs out with Isaac and tells him how much he misses Augustus. He told her how he wrote a eulogy for her. She found Peter in her car and he told her about her daughter who had cancer. Hazel told him to get out and to not be an alcoholic. She goes to his house to find the paper and didn’t find it. She also checks support group and didn’t find it. She emails Peter’s assistant to see if he has it. She has it and it was a eulogy for Hazel. She loved it and was so grateful to have gotten to love a boy like Augustus Waters.

“You don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world...but you do have some say in who hurts you. I like my choices" (Green 313).

“As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once" (Green 125).

"Some infinities are bigger than other infinities" (Green 189).

7-12 Hazel was rushed to the hospital for her lungs filling with fluid. Augustus hadn’t seen her that whole entire time. When she got better he finally got to see her he told her how much he missed her. Augustus and Hazel will now try to go to Amsterdam again. She goes into a meeting with her doctors to discuss if she can go. They are convinced that it won’t be a good idea because she is just too sick. They also said it would just be too hard for them to move all of her equipment over to Amsterdam. Hazel tells Augustus the bad news and he was understanding. The next day Hazel got an email from Peter’s assistant that everything was good for the trip. Turns out they are going to Amsterdam and she couldn’t have been more excited. Hazel before the trip confesses at Isaac’s house that she didn’t want to get too close to Augustus because she didn’t want to hurt him. Just like how she said that she was a grenade. The next day they were headed off to Amsterdam. She didn’t like how people looked as them as the ill kids going on the flight. Augustus on the other hand was so excited about flying. Then on the plane to Amsterdam Augustus tells Hazel that he loves her. When they get to Amsterdam Hazel and Augustus go on a really fancy date. Then after they go for a walk and Hazel asks about his ex Caroline. He told Hazel that she was actually really mean to him. Hazel the next morning reads the book An Imperial Affliction again and dresses like Anna from the book. When they get there he slams the door on Hazel and Augustus. When they get inside the house Peter was drunk. He didn’t answer any of their questions and was being a drunken jerk. Hazel and Augustus leave and go to the Anne Frank house. It was hard for Hazel to walk up the many steps but Augustus was there for her the whole time. When they got to the top they kissed!

By: Megan Sturonas


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