The Fault In Our Stars

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The Fault In Our Stars

"Some infinities are bigger than other infinities" (Green 189).

After only a short time period of time Hazel begins to feel more comfortable with Augustus. He manages to get in contact with Peter the Author of Hazel's favorite book, An Imperial Affliction. Hazel gets overly exicited since she has been trying to get in contact with him for a long time. After Peter tells both Gus and Hazel that if they ever find themselves in Amsterdam that he will gladly answer their questions, Gus makes a kind gesture in sharing his wish that he saved from the genies and offers to take Hazel to Amsterdam. However as things start getting excited for Hazel she has to put her trip on pause because her lungs fill up with liquid and she recieves a strong headache from the lack of oxygen in her system. Although she recovers her parents and a board of doctors who are closely studyig her medical case discourage the trip because if anything were to occur only a doctor who is familiar with her case would be able to help. This discouragement brings Hazel disappointment since her illness always seems to keep her from living a normal life

After losing complete hope of ever going to Amsterdam her luck seems to change when Hazels mom changes her mind after a convincing speech from Hazel's doctor about how she needs to live her life now since she might not have it for a long time. They Settle into the Filosoof, Hazel and Agustus have dinner at the Oranjee where they discuss their opinion on afterlife. Augustus also brings up his fear of oblivion which annoys Hazel because she knows that unlike Gus she is far too weak to work on leaving an impact on earth.After apologizing repeatedly for bringing oblivion up Hazel finally realizes that Augustus really does like her. Finally once the they finally go talk to Mr.van Houten and it wasn't what they were expecting at all since Peter van Houten is very rude towards them when they first arrive. He shuts the door in their face and talks rudely of them in front of them and doesn't let them finish their sentence. Peter only answers one question and refused to answer any other questions. After Hazel fought for ANswers Gus finally pulls hr out and Lidewij, Van Houten's assistant takes them to the Anne Frank House as a form of apology and Hazel finally for a brief moment doesnt worrry about being a gernade in his life as she kisses him, giving hersel for once the chance to truly love and be loved.

StarsBy: John Green

The Fault In Our

Having acquired stage IV Thyroid cancer at the young age of thirteen, Hazel has gone through so many obstacles that she was able to get through miraculously only to buy her an uncertain amount of time. Upon meeting Augustus, Hazel tries to keep some allowed distance between the two since Augustus is much too eager and outgoing much to Hazel’s dismay. Hazel’s depression makes her shut out the loved ones around her because of her fear of bringing them sentimental pain once she passes away. However, Augustus charms his way into her life and doesn’t waste time in learning who the real Hazel is. He is quick to invite her over and there he gets her to share more about herself other than her medical history. They both share thoughts and opinions on Peter Van Houten’s An Imperial Affliction and it eventually makes them connect more, something that Hazel isn’t used to.

Although Hazel enjoys most of her trip after her encounter with Peter it immediately changes when Augustus tells her that his cancer has returned and has spread throughout his liver, left hip, and the linig of his chest. Hazel then realizes that he hadn't told her because just like her, Augustus didn't want to hurt her. They sit down as he shares how he gave up his chemo for the trip, leaving Hazel astounded that he'd do that. Augustus and Hazel realize that their life revolves around being subjected into new treatments that may or may not work all their life. After heading home Hazel interacts with Gus as well as Issac and do activities normal teenager would do like throwing eggs at an ex's car. Shortly afterwards, Gus is admitted into the hospital for chest pain and is placed on a wheel chair so his heart wouldn't have to wrok to hard. Hazel is there for him as he starts getting weaker and takes him to The Funky Bones Park to remind him of when he had taken her. Gus is nolonger the tall handsome muscular guy that Hazel had met and after a month from their trip Hazel was forced to get him to the hospital after calling from the gas station in the middle of the night. On the last few good days that Gus had left she read him his eulogy that she wrote t him expressing what he meant to her and exprssing how greatful she is for having gotten a small infinity with him. Gus dies eight days later and on his funeral Hazel is surprised that Peter Van Houten was there. A few days later Hazel fids out that he wrote her a eulogy and she struggles looking through all places imaginable to find it but with no such luc until she realized that van houten had told her at the funeral that he and Agustus had emailed eachother on his last days and when she finally gets a hold of them she reads her eulogy and realizes that in the end Augustus felt frtunate that at least he could live on in her memories and that he was completely happy with his choices --FIN

"As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once"(Green 125).

" You don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world, old man, but you do have some say in who hurts you"(Green 313).


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