The Fault in Our Stars

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The Fault in Our Stars

Author: John Green

Title: .The Fault In Our Stars

Problem, conflict

What Do You Think About This Book?

The problem/conflict in this book is that Augustus and Hazel Grace both are suffering from Cancer, (different kinds) but still cancer. They fell in love and now they know that Augustus is dying for sure and he will most likely die before Hazel, obviously they both are very scared but also, brave, and want to spend as much time with one another as they possibly can before one loses the other.

I absolutely adore this book, this book is a very romantic, heartwarming, but also a very sad book. I did like that it was a twist and Augustus Waters ended up dying before Hazel Grace Lancaster. It had a lot of great memories, and the way they described the book, I felt (while reading it) like it was real. I could picture almost about everything they said in my head. I recommend this book to anyone who’s looking for a novel, or a sad but loving, caring, and warming book. The Fault in Our Stars is the new number 1 New York Times Bestseller.

Anissa GolaC BlockMarch 13th, 2015

Characters•Hazel Grace Lancaster- 16 year old girl with thyroid cancerAugustus Waters-17 year old boy in remission with osteosarcoma, and lost his right legIsacc-Augustus' best friend, has eye cancer and loses both eyesMr. ' Mrs. Lancaster-Hazel's mom and dadPeter Van Houten-Author of Hazel's favorite book, An Imperial Affliction, lives in Amsterdam, When you first meet him he is a selfish drunk, but by the end he changes his life.Lidewij Vliegenthart-Peter Van Houten's assistant

Main EventsIn the beginning of the story Augustus bumps into Hazel Grace, They start to talk and hangout a lot more, they both really want to see how the story "An Imperial Affliction" ends so they contact the author's assistant and they schedule an appointment to go meet with them in Amsterdam, before the trip Hazel ends up in the hospital because of her lungs (she couldn't breathe all of a sudden). The doctor’s end up telling her she can go (after saying no) along with Augustus and Hazel's mother. After they appear at the author's house they found out he's a total drunk, and so once they get back home Augustus becomes very sick and dies, in the end Hazel gets a eulogy letter delivered by Peter Van Houten from Augustus, Augustus had wrote one for Hazel before he died and had asked Peter Van Houten to fix it up for him.

SettingsWhen Hazel Grace first meets Augustus Waters at the church with there counsler Patrick.They both end up at the hospital at some point in the story.They go to Amsterdamn to meet Peter Van Houten.

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