The Fault in our Stars

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The Fault in our Stars

The Fault in our Stars is an amazing read for ages 13-113! The main character is a young woman called Hazel Grace Lancaster who was diagnosed with cancer and, asked by her mum, was to attend a support group. There she met a kind hearted gentleman called Augustus Waters. He automatically has an interest in her and straight from that point they love each other endlessly. Funnilly enough, they both get fascinated by Imperial Affliction and love it so much that they decide to go togehter to Amsterdamn to meet the authour but it goes terribly wrong. They have acts of rage and love. This book is an amazing read for all ages with twist and turns on every page. But make sure you bring your tissues because it is a bit emotional!

Novel Overview

Author: John Green

The Fault in our Stars

Name: Charlie Bell Date: 14/10/2014

The main character in this book is Hazel Grace Lancaster. Then there is her mum and dad. Along the way, she meets Augustus Waters, the man with a robotic leg accompinaed by his friend Isaac who is blind. They go to Amsterdamn to meet an author called Peter Van Houten. Can't forget about Peters assistant Lidewij Vliegenthart and Agustus's parent, Mr and Mrs Waters. So many characters in such a great book.




Do you like the book?

Hazel Lancaster has been diagnosed with cancer and thinks that she is a bomb waiting to explode. Augustus, later on in the book, reveals an unfortunate secret that creates sadness for the audience and espically Hazel.

The ending is full of much sorrow and sadness and believe me, you will need your tissues... It is kind of restored after they reflect the relationship they had and how everything was OKAY? OKAY.

Of course i did, i loved it! It is very inspiring and entertaining read for mainly girls in the ages 13-20 but anyone above could read it if they wanted to. I give this book 4 and a half stars !

I like the Book!


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