The Fault in Our Stars

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The Fault in Our Stars

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SummarySixteen year old Hazel does not want to go to support group, but after her mother makes her go, she realizes it was probably a good idea. During one of meeting, she meets a charming young boy named Augustus Waters, who has osteosarcoma, which is a rare form of bone cancer. They quickly become friends and bond over their favorite book. The two of them feel the ending of book is incomplete, so they travel to Amsterdam together to meet the author. On the trip, Gus shares heartbreaking new to Hazel and suddenly their lives change.

The Fault in Our StarsBy John Green

Amsterdam Infomation and Attractions

John Green is a New York Times-bestselling author and has won many other awards. He and his brother, Hank, began talking though videoblogs posted on YouTube. The project is very popular and is called Vlogbrothers. He now lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with his wife and son. You can learn more about him by clicking below on the picture!

PAPER TOWNS- The novel begins with a bit of background information about Q and Margo’s relationship when they were kids and then describes their relationship in modern day. One night Margo asks Q for help on a revenge project. She plans to get revenge on everyone who has done her wrong over the last year. Q thinks their friendship may start form again. But, later that morning, he discovers that Margo has disappeared, with no sign of where she may have gone.LOOKING FOR ALASKA- Miles "Pudge" Halter is abandoning his safe-okay, boring-life. Pudge leaves for boarding school to seek what a dying Rabelais called the "Great Perhaps." Pudge becomes encircled by friends whose lives are everything but safe and boring .Alaska is a razor-sharp and self-destructive girl who has perfected the arts of pranking and evading school rules. Pudge falls impossibly in love.

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