The Fault In Our Stars

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The Fault In Our Stars

The Fault In Our StarsBy: John Green

"There's no way of knowing that your last good day is Your Last Good Day. At the time it's just another good day" (253).

"My name is Hazel. I'm sixteen. Thyroid with mets in my lungs. I'm okay" (Green 11).

"That's the thing about demands to be felt" (63).

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Hazel Grace Lancaster: At the age of twelve, Hazel Grace receives the news that she has been diagnosed with Stage IV thyroid cancer. During this major transformation in her life, she is being told by various doctors that she will live up until fourteen years-old. Until a medical miracle came along and shrunk her tumors that had been growing in her lungs. Two years later post-miracle medicine, Hazel receives an oxygen tank that she would have to carry around everywhere in order for her lungs to gain the correct amount of oxygen to survive. As a result of hearing from multiple professionals that her life may be shorter than it should be, Hazel begins to fixate on her death in an unhealthy way. Hazel's mother noticed this change in her personality and behaviornand upon discussing these effects with Hazel's doctor, they decide that Hazel is depressed and send her to a support group to help her cope.

Chapters 20-25:When Hazel and Augustus return from their Amsterdam trip, Augustus soon reveals to Hazel that he has been diagnosed with caner again. Devistated, Hazel does everything she can to be with him and take care of him. As Augustus becomes more sick and weak, Hazel can't bare to see him that way. Very fast Augustus becomes skinny and extremly sick. As the weeks passed Hazel just waited for the call at night saying that the love of her life had passed. One night, Augustus crawled out of bed and drove to the gas station to buy a pack of cigarettes because he wanted to fianlly do something on hiso own. But, his cancer ended up acting up and he called Hazel for help and she called 9-1-1 immediatley. A week later, Augustus was still not doing well and he eventually passed. Hazel was beyond upset. She felt as i her life was over. Going to his funeral was hard enough, but just when she thought it could not get any worse, Peter Van Houten showed up and talked to Hazel and apoloigized about him acting up in Amsterdam. He later expalins to her that he got so upset because he had a daughter die from cancer. Hazel was able to forgive him and slowly let all her dilemas pass.

Chapters 12-20: After receiving an invite to Amsterdam from her favorite author, Hazel could not wait to ask her mom. Hazel hoped that her mom would say yes to the Amsterdam trip, but she knew that her parents could not afford the expensive trip. Knowing how much the trip would mean to Hazel, Augustus requested to use his Wish, given to each cancer patient by the Make A Wish Foundation, to fly Hazel, her mother, and him all to Amsterdam. A few weeks after meeting with doctors to discuss the possibility of Hazel making the trip in her current medical state, the final conclusion was still to stay home, as suggested by the doctors. Knowing that the trip would mean the world to her sick daughter, Hazel's mother worked out a deal with the doctors. Hazel agreed to do whatever it took to make the situation work, and the trip was on. A month later, Hazel's mother, Hazel, and Augustus found themselves in Amsterdam. Not once did the two talk about their cancer nor did they even mention the word. That was one of the many reasons Hazel was in love with Augustus. The next morning the two made their way towards Peter Van Houtens home. As they approached the house, they could hear the bass of the hip-hop music thumping from inside the house. As they approached his house, they noticed it was coming from inside of his house. Confused, the two knocked on his door and Peter opened the door with a crack and peered at the two teenagers. He looked very unfriendly and unpleasant looking. Lidewji soon trailed behind him and opened the door completely for the two. Peter looked very angry and confused as to why two teenagers were in his home. Lidewji then confessed that she invited them to Amsterdam, not Peter. They were invited in his home and upon entering, they were suprised once again to see that it was quite dirty and run down. Hazel and Augustus sat down on his couch as he drank his drink, which by his slurred words and outspoken manner concluded to be alcohol despite the fact it was still early in the morning. As they began to discuss An "Imperial of Affliction" he began to yell at them, telling them that he had no answers to give them. It could be easily inferred that the two did not like Peter at all after what he was saying to them. After the visit Hazel and Augustus ran out upset and discussed about what had happened. The trip was coming to and end and they did not even get their answers. Horrified by the authors manner, Hazel and Augustus told Peter so and left the Van Houten household in a hurry. Feeling terrible about the way Peter treated them, Lidewji took them to the Anne Frank house for a tour. Hazel and Augustus enjoyed the rest of their trip, and although they did not find what they are looking for in their meeting of "An Imperial Affliction's" author, they made a connection with each other that made the trip to Amsterdam all worth it.

Chapters 2-9: Through the direction of her doctors and mother, 17 year-old Hazel Grace reluctantly attend a support group designed specifically to help cancer patients cope with their conditions. During these support groups, Hazel is introduced to several different cancer patients and is obligated to listen to everyone's struggles they deal with due to their cancer. During one particular meeting, a teenage boy named Augustus Waters catches her eye. Augustus was brought along by his best friend, Isaac, whom he has known for years. Isaac, himself, attends the support group due to a cancer that effected his eyes to the point that he only has one real eye and is scheduled to have the other removed soon. After the meeting, Augustus walks up to Hazel, introduces himself again, and instantly they both feel a connection. Later in their conversation, they find out that they both love to read and discuss books they have read. Augustus invites Hazel to a movie at his house and as they spend some time together, they find themselves comforted by each other's stories and realize that they have found a friend in one another. Before Augustus takes Hazel home they exchange their favorite novels. Augustus gives Hazel ,The Price of Dawn, while Hazel gives him, An Imperial Affliction. After a few weeks had passed, Augustus had finally finished An Imperial Affliction. Knowing that Hazel's favorite author was Peter Van Houten, Augustus took it upon himself to track down his assistant, Lidewij. Through his assistant he is able to start and e-mail communication with the "disappeared" author. When Augustus shared this news with Hazel, she was ecstatic! All she could think about was all the unanswered questions she proposed at the end of his novel. Once Hazel received the e-mail address from Augustus, she sends all her questions to her idol author right away. A couple of days later, Peter Van Houten replied saying that he would only answer her questions in person, inviting Augustus and herself to Amsterdam to meet him.

"There is no shortage of fault to be found amid our stars" (111-112).

Hazel Grace

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Hazel's favorite book written by her favorite author, Peter Van Houten

Augustus Waters

John Green interview

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