The Fault in Our Stars

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The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars

Written by John Green

in the best selling novel, 'The Fault in Our Stars', John Green used a large variety of techniques to investigate ideas about the concept, 'The Wider World and Me'. Through the use of a novel, John Green has addressed the themes of relationships, struggle and taking risks as a key part of dealing with loss and illness.

each other -family or not family- as if there is no tomorrow, and that, to me maskes its importancy stand out strongly. The effect this has on the reader is that it impacts them in a personal way and makes them wonder about the importance in relationships. This technique achieves its purpose to hit a personal spot on the reader and impact the way they value relationships.

in The Fault in Our Stars, the author explores the importance in relationships through family and love. A technique which has been used in the book to help explore this idea is repetition. This technique is used in the book to express the importancy of love and family. An example of this is that throughout the book, the word 'love' is said repeatedly .They express their love for

This song talks of the stars and seeing them at different perspectives -death and life. connects to hazel thinking of Augustus and how she can see him in the stars. This is All of the Stars by Ed Sheeran

Author: John Green

cancer can impact your life from things as simple as being unable to climb the stairs. The technique used here is simile, "crawling like a little kid", it shows the reader how much struggle she is going through as a teenager who climbs stairs like a baby cause otherwise she could die. This makes us question our own struggles in our lives and ask ourselves, are our problems and struggles really all that bad?

in the Fault in Our Stars, John Green looks into the struggle and complication of living with a life threatening illness. Our main character Hazel Grace is burdened with there struggles which she has had to face since she was age 13. A quote from the book says "i began to climb the stairs, crawling up them like a little kid would, slow at first so i could breathe, but then faster because i knew i couldn't breathe and wanted to get to the top before everything gave out", shows us the struggle that an illness like

in our novel, John Green expands on the importancy in taking risks and 'seizing the moment'. in the novel Hazel has choice at the Anne Frank house, one; to risk her life by climbing the stairs or 2; goig back and missing out. She sees the choices and takes a risk. The quote "my lungs keep telling me -this is it, this is the end Hazel- buti fight back and tell them to shutup. i feel like i owe this to Anne, so i climb"

uses the technique 'descriptive language'. This meakes us want to help her prove herself to Anne Frank. the reader-s feel that taking risks is a necessitiy in the journey of life after reading this.

in conclusion, John Green has useda number of techniques in The Fault in Our Stars. John has used these techniques to comment on the importance of relationships, personal struggle and taking riskd as an important aspect of 'The Wider World and Me'. As a whole, this novel has been effective in exploring this concept because it gives true and beleivable experieces and risks to the story. This book made a great impact on me and a great amount of people around the world.

By Bronte Anscombe 8.1


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