The Fault In Our Stars

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The Fault In Our Stars

Chapters 1-6Hazel Lancaster is a 16 year old girl who had cancer. She had thyroid cancer and now mets in her lungs which fill up with water preventing her lungs from getting air. She carries around a tank to help her breathe. Hazel wants to be normal but knows it can never be so she fills her time with reading and T.V shows. Her mother makes her attend a church cancer support group to help even though Hazel doesn't like it. One day, she meets a boy named Augustus at the support group. They share stories and he lost his leg due to cancer but is now free. Hazel and Augustus become friends very quickly. Augustus invites Hazel to watch a movie with him after support group so they go to Augustus' house and Hazel meets his parents. They talk alot and Augustus introduces him to "An Imperial Affliction". They trade stories and she begins to read "The Price Of Dawn". After quite a few days Augustus texts Hazel about "An Imperial Affliction" and he is very confused about the ending. He asks Hazel what happens but she doesn't know and says she's mailed Peter Van Houten many times about it but has never gotten a response. Soon after this Augustus tells Hazel that he sent an e-mail to Van Houten's assistant and she responded with a very nice email. He gives Hazel the e-mail address and she writes him an e-mail of her own. A day later Van Houten's assistant responds and says that Peter would love to tell her the rest of the book but she has to travel to Amsterdam. She becomes extremely excited and ask's her parents. At first they're skeptical but then respond by telling her they'll talk to the doctors. Augustus then takes her on a picnic through a park and brings many things that are Dutch. He then tells her that he too was interested in finding out the answers and he'll go with her to Amsterdam and use his wish to get them there. Hazel is overjoyed, but that night she has a terrible pain in her head and some complications occur.

The Fault In Our StarsJohn Green

"You put the killing thing between your teeth but you don't give it the power to do its killing"(Green 20).

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Chapters 7-12Hazel is rushed to the ICU because she has gotten fluid buildup within her lungs. They drain her lungs of all the fluid and luckily there is no sign of cancer. Unfortunately, this becomes a wakeup call for them as they realize that a trip to Amsterdam maybe be a bit more challenging than they previously thought. A few of the doctors told them that it may not be a good idea and told them that they cannot have her go to Amsterdam in the condition shes in. Hazel is outraged that she cannot go with Augustus. She calls Augustus out of sadness, breaks the news, and they talk for awhile. He comes over and they talk about the swing that Hazel has had for awhile and they make an advirtisement to sell it. After Augustus wakes up the next morning she finds an email from Van Houten's assistant saying that everything is ready for the trip. Out of confusion Hazel goes to talk to her mom about it. Hazel's mother breaks the news that they will actually be going to Amsterdam. Hazel is overjoyed, The day before she leaves for Amsterdam she goes to support group and a girl there makes a kind remark, Hazel hastily shoots back an answer and quickly regrets it. She then goes to hang out with Isaac while he's getting adjusted to being blind. They talk about Augustus and play a game together. The trip to Amsterdam arrives and they say their goodbyes to the Father. They go to pick up Augustus and hear an arguement but quickly walk away out of respect. They then go to the airport with Augustus and board the plane to Amserdam. Augustus is scared because its the first time hes been on a plane. They fly to Amsterdam and get off of the plane. When they get to their hotel, "Filasoof". They both go to their seperate rooms and Hazel takes a nap/ When she wakes up she finds that Van Houten's assistant has made reservations for her and Augutus at Oranjee. She picks out a dress and Augustus comes to the door with a full suit. They take a ride on the canal as they embark for Oranjee. At Oranjee, they eat a gourmet meal and drink Champagne, the server refrences as "the stars". Augustus once again tells Hazel that he loves her After the meal they thoroughly enjoyed they find that the meal has been paid for by Mr. Van Houten.They are overjoyed as they go back to their hotel rooms and await to meet Mr. Van Houten the next morning. Before meeting Mr. Van Houten, Hazel purposely dresses similiar to Anna, "An Imperial Afflictions"main protagonist. She meets up with Augustus and they go to the door of Mr, Van Houten's home. They knock on the door an hear music playing obnoxiously loud. Seconds later, they are greeted by Van Houten's assistant, Ledewij. She invites them in and yells to Van Houten that the Americans are here. Van Houten spits out an insult and tells her to kick them out. Hazel and Augustus look at eachother questioningly. They see un-opened fan mail covering the entire home. As they step into the room of Van Houten they see the condition that he is in and are very suprised. He's drinking alcohol and doesn't seem at all sober. After a little while of talking Van Houten begins to become rude. He insults both Augustus and Hazel. He insults them based on their condition involving cancer and Hazel is extremely upset. Van Houten refuses to tell her anything about what happens in the end of the book because he says that it ends when the story ends, that there is no more. She slaps the alcohol out of his and and they storm out of the home with disgust. After leaving, Lidewij runs out and tells them that she quit her job and asks if they want to go to Anne Frank's home. they agree, as long as Van Houten won't be attending and get on their way. When they get there Hazel is forced to climb many steps that get steeper and steeper in Anne Frank's home. She believes that for some reason she owe's it to Anne Frank to complete the climb. When she gets to the top and catches her breath she looks around a bit. After this she suddenly begins kissing Augustus in front of everyone. They start clapping as they are happy for them and Hazel and Augustus begin to bow. After this they go back to the hotel room and do some things that are not appropriate to talk about.

Chapter 13-18After the night they go back to their own rooms. They then go to eat with Hazel's mother and talk abouty their experience with Van Houten. She agrees that he didn't sound like the best person. Hazel's mother than decides to go for a walk while Hazel and Augustus sit on a bench with eachother. Augsutus confesses that there is something wrong. He says that he had a PET scan done while she was in the ICU and his hip had a very large amount of cancer inside of it. Hazel weeps on his shouder while she talks about it not being fair. He tells her he'll fight the cancer long enough to annoy her. On the plane ride home they ask for some Champagne from the stewardess and she gives it to them as a cancer perk. Augustus then takes pain medication and drinks champagne, then passes out. After they part ways after the trip Hazel's father reveals that he had known about Augustus' recurrence before the trip. After this Hazel and Isaac meet at Augustus' house and they talk while he recieves his drugs through a PICC line. They then begin to talk about Isaac's ex, Monica. They decide to egg her house and drive over there. They let Isaac throw the eggs and try to direct his throwing although he's blind. They end up hitting Monica's car and are satifyed. They end up having dinner which each others parents and talk about their experience at Oranjee. That night, Augustus goes to the Hospital because he's having chest pains. Hazel stays in the Hospital with him but isn't admitted to his room. The next time they see eachother is when Hazel takes him to the park and they have a picnic. They drink Champagne that one of Augustus' doctors had given him as a cancer perk. Hazel then begins to go to Augustus' house frequently. She descibes what he goes through each day with eating and throwing up constantly. They play "The Price Of Dawn" together and talk about the swingset. At this point, Agustus begins to become very weak. He can't do many normal functions and has to rely on people to do things for him. They talk about dying while they play games and have a small arguement about being remembered. Late into the night Hazel recieves a call. She thinks Augustus has died but instead picks up to hear it is Augustus. He tells her that he's in trouble at the Gas Station. He wants her to come and help him but he doesn't want her to call an ambulance. She agrees and drives to the Gas Station to see him parked covered in vomit. She finds that he has an infected G-tube and is forced to call the ambulance. Augustus then proclaims that he just wants to die.

Chapter 19-25After Augustus returns from the hospital Hazel goes to visit him. They talk for awhile and then he asks for her to look at something in the corner. He says its the last of his dignity. She then goes outside with him and the rest of the family. They talk about how he used to be and Augustus makes a joke about himself taking Hazel's breath away. Augustus' father tells Hazel how thankful he is that Hazel is in their lives. Soon after Augustus tells her to come to the church where the support group is held. He tells her to come prepared with a eulogy. When she arrives she sees Isaac on the stand. They all greet eachother and Isaac begins. He talks about Augustus and his unique traits. He mentions that if he could get robot eyes he would reject them because he wouldn't want to see the world without his friend. It is then Hazel's turn and she goes up to the stand. She talks about how Augustus was the love of her life and he wouldn't talk about it so that it would die with him. After this she talks about what Van Houten had mentioned, how there are some infinities that are bigger than other infinities, and that she in thankful for their little infinity. 8 days later Augustus dies due to the cancer stopping his heart within his sleep. She calls Isaac to tell him and cries all night while her parents comfort her. She checks his online obituary and sees a very long list of condolences showing that he was remembered. She cries for a long time and hugs her parents. When Hazel and her parents attend the funeral she walks up to the casket. She doesn't use her oxygen tank and places a pack of cigarettes next to him. She tells him that she wont mind if he lights them. Both Isaac and Hazel give their eulogies. Isaac's is serious and Hazel's is encouraging. She is very startled when she finds Peter Van Houten behind her at his funeral. She scoffs in disgust and doesn't like that he's there. He requests a ride from her parents. He talks about how he and Augustus communcated before his death and felt obligated to come because of a deal that he and Augustus made regarding giving answers about the book. After giving an un-satisfactory answer, Hazel kicks him out of the car and calls him a drunk. A few days after she goes to Isaac's house to talk to him about Augustus and she finds out that he was writing something for her. She starts driving to his house and the Peter Van Hiouten suprises her by popping out of the back seat. He apologies to her about the bad trip to Amsterdam and confesses that his daughter had died to cancer at 8 years old. Hazel belives that the book was a way for him to give her a second life as a teenager. Hazel tells him to go back to Amsterdam, sober up, and figure things out. After traveling to Augustus' house and having lunch with his parents she finds nothing about anything he might have written. She then sits at home and thinks for while. She gets angry and tells her parents that she might die and that they'll no longer be parents anymore. Her parents start crying and tell her that its ok. Her mother says that she's taking classes to become a social worker and Hazel is genuinely excited. Hazel becomes content again. She then gets a call from Kaitlyn, a good friend of hers, the next morning. She talks about how she's doing and then tells her about the missing pages. Kaitlyn suggests that maybe he sent them to someone else before death. Hazel excitedly emails Ludwij about it and she gets a response a short time later. Augustus had written something to Van Houten and asked him to edit it. Van Houten said it was perfect the way that it is and gave it to Hazel, It was a very emotional letter toward Hazel as he describes his choices and how he was glad that Hazel was the last person he was connected to. Hazel agrees that she likes he choice of choosing Augustus as well.

“You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world … but you do have some say in who hurts you"(Green 313).

"That is the thing about pain,it demands to be felt"(Green 63).


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