[2015] Brunella Effio: The Fault in our Stars

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[2015] Brunella Effio: The Fault in our Stars

Augustsus Waters, an athletic and handsome 17 year old guy that had cancer but actually he was healthy. He went to a Support Group to be with his friend Isaac, that was going to lose an eye by cancer, and there he met Hazel. They became friends but he fall in love with her.

My main Characters are:Hazel Grace, a normal sixteen year old girl with a problem, cancer. She can't breath well so she is going to a Support Group. There she met Augustus Waters. They became friends but she fall in love wit him.

The Fault in our Stars

SettingThe story take place in Indianapois and in Amsterdam, when traveled

My book is about a girl called Hazel Grace that has a problem, cancer. She grew up with the problem in her lungs so she can't breath well. To help her, her parents told Hazel to go to a Support Group for kids with cancer. She went. One day, in the Support Group, she met Augustus Waters and they became friends.

About the AuthorJohn Green is famous writer from Indianapolis that wrote this book, The Fault in our Stars, as one of the best-sale books in 2014. More of his books icluding Paper Towns, Looking for Alaska, Let it Snow, etc, are famous too.


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