The Fastest Animal in The World

by KristiMalia
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The Fastest Animal in The World

I live in the African savannah in the tall grass. I am a cheetah. I eat antelopes, rabbits, and alligators. I catch my prey by camoflaging myself . I can run really really fast but only for a short distance.

The Fastest Animal In The World

A cheetah camoflaging in the grass of the savannah.

This is a close up of 2 cheetahs cuddling.

"I'm not scared of you!"

A cheetah sprinting for its food.

These cheetahs are hunting a gazelle for dinner.

A cheetah jumping for joy.

By: MiaKES Summer School 2014

You can tell its a cheetah because they have blacktear marks below theireyes.


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