The Family Romanov

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The Family Romanov

The Family Romanov

Glog by: Mia Fast

The Execution and LegendOn July 17, 1918, around 2 o'clock in the morning, the Romanov family were told to simply get changed and head down to the cellar, they were leaving now.Thinking that they would finally be escaping, the girls wore outfits secretly harboring hundreds of jewels. As they were led into the soundproof cellar, the family had no idea that there were armed government officials waiting for them. That morning, the Romanov family, three servants, and Anastasia's dog were fatally shot. In order to cover their murders of innocent children, the family's bodies were buried in a forest nearby. To this day, the mystery of whether or not a member survived remains unanswered to many.

The FamilyTsar Nicholas ll: Tsar of Russia, son of the notorious Alexander ll. Depended on ALexandra for almost all decisions; he was very weak.Alexandra: German princess, became Catholic so that she could be with Nicholas, makes most of the decisions.Olga: oldest daughter, very elegantTatiana: second-oldest daughter, also elegantMarie: second-youngest daughter, elegantAnastasia: youngest daughter, not elegant at allAlexei: youngest, heir to Russia, has hemophilia

Leading Up to the DeathTsar Nicholas ll lead with a stern hand. He governed though violence, which earned him the nickname Bloody Nicholas. When the heir to the thrown; Alexei, was born, they discovered he had hemophilia; an uncurable disease. Rasputin, who considered himself a "holy man", told the family he could help the young boy. The Romanovs relied on him a lot because of this. Nicholas became oblivious of the poverty that plagued the citizens of Russia. These things combined resulted in seeds of distrust being sown among all of Russia, leading to a Revolution.


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