The Family: Responsibilities and Stress

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The Family: Responsibilities and Stress

Parental Responsibilities1. Financial/Economic2. Nurturing and Childcare3. Attachment and Socialization4. Building and Maintaining Relationships5. Character Education & Spirituality6. Collaborating with Societal InstitutionsWhat can you remember about these responsibilities growing up? As a future parent what do you most look forward to and what fears do you have?

Family StressorsHorizontal Stressors - developmental transitions, historical events, and unexpected eventsVertical Stressors - poverty, family myths/secrets, domestic violence, child abuse, genetic influences.Give examples of what stressors you experienced that were horizontal and what stressors have been vertical.What are some other stress factors that families face?

The Family:Parenting Responsibilities and Stressors

Cultural Variations in parenting


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