The Family Life Cycle

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The Family Life Cycle

The Family Life Cycle

Marriage- When one person joins another in marriage, they form the foundation of a new family. The couple blends their expectations, vaules, and vision of the future. They learn about commitment and settling mutual goals. Learning to communicate, listen, and solve problems together enables them to cooperate to complete task as simple as preparing meanls or as complex as remodeling a home.

Individual- The individual stage takes place during the young adulthood. During this stage a person begings to separate from the family and gets ready to live an independent life, in the stage you have to take responsiblity for your life own and make financial decisions in this process you gain career skills as well.

Stage 1

Childbearing- When chrildern are added to a family a couple must ajust to their new roles as parents. This includes learning to meet their infants physical and emotional needs while continuing to take care of themselves and nurtue their relationship as a couple. They learn to deal with the physical and emotional stress and the joy of interegating a new member of the family.

Parenting- Raising childern can be challenging. Parent's commitment to eachother and other and their communication, problem-solving, and decision making skills become very important in during this stage of the family life cycle.

Launching- The launching stage begins when the first child leaves the home and end ends as the last child leaves.

Stage 2


Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5

Middle Years- After a child leave there home and has established their own lives, the parents often have to adjust to an empty nest.

Senior Years- When many people look back over there live to see what they have expirenced and learned.

Stage 6

Stage 7


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