[2015] lesley: The Family Life Cycle

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[2015] lesley: The Family Life Cycle

Nuclear FamilyBlended FamilySingle-Parent FamilyExtended Family

Building Strong Famililes -Clothing, Food, and Shelter- Through Example, Communication, and Religious Training help prepare children to live in society.

Chapter 3

Glog by: Lesley Tayagua

Family Structure

BEGINNING STAGE-Couple works to establish a home & their marriage relationship.PARENTAL STAGE 1-Expanding Stage. Couple prepares for & adjusts to parenthood.

The Family Life Cycle

PARENTAL STAGE 2-Developing Stage. Parents work to meet children's needs and help them develop independence.PARENTAL STAGE 3-Launching Stage. Parents help their children adapt to life on their own.

Forming Traditions-Celebration Traditions-Family Traditions-Patterned Family Interactions

Handling Family Conflict- Keep Cool-Be an active listener-Use body language

Children's Needs-Physical Needs-Emotional & Social Needs-Intellectual Needs

Parenting Styles- Athoritarian- Assertive-Democratic- Permissive

Reinforcements- Positve&-Negative*Poor Disciplinary Measures

MIDDLE AGE-Couple renews their relationship and prepares for retirement.RETIREMENT-Couple stops full-time work & adjusts to having more free time.


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